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Vegan Fitness Bundle

The new Vegan Fitness Bundle:
30+ life-changing ebooks for only $49!



...it's for everyone!


If you're vegan and looking for recipe & fitness inspiration, you've come to the right place! With hundreds of delicious, easy recipes, mindfulness tips, workouts & fitness tricks - this bundle is perfect for you! 


This bundle is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their health & fitness, regardless of their current diet and lifestyle! Let us introduce you to a new way of living, that not only tastes wonderful, but also feels incredible! 

Sport & Fitness Lovers

Do you want to get stronger? Leaner? Get tremendous results faster? This bundle is incredible for you! Whether you're a beginner or pro, these tips & tricks from professionals and vegan bodybuilders will get you to the next level.

Self- Development Enthusiasts

Are you interested in Personal Growth and Mental Health? We've got you covered.
Ebooks, programs and tips on how to take you to the next level are included. 

A 98% Discount!

The deal of a lifetime! We searched the web to provide you with over 30 of the most popular vegan ebooks that will help you on your journey to become healthier & happier! If you bought these ebooks each separately, they would cost you $2,429,65. Therefore, by purchasing this VEGAN FITNESS BUNDLE at just $49, you're saving $2,380!


It's all here.

We searched the web to provide you with 25+ of the most valuable vegan ebooks & online programs about nutrition, recipes, fitness, training, yoga, and health. 

  • 30+ ebooks from the most valued vegan social media influencers
  • Delicious, Easy & Healthy Recipes by Nutritionists and Vegan Doctors
  • Easy-to-Follow Meal Plans
  • Training Programs designed by Pro Natural Bodybuilders
  • Yoga & Mindfulness Programs 
  • Vegan Fat Loss & Muscle Building Guides
  • Vegan Children & Vegan Pregnancy Course
  • How to Build an Ethical Business Course

...and so much more!


Your Favorite Influencers

...and their incredible ebooks about fitness & nutrition!

Get the Vegan Fitness Bundle

Valuable knowledge from experts about fitness, mental health, workouts, mindfulness, and so much more!

Our EXTRA for you


As if this deal couldn't get any better! Yes, that's right - not only are you getting an incredible deal, you're also doing something for the environment!

Our trees are planted at carefully selected Eden Projects reforestation sites in countries including Kenya, Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia and Nepal. All trees planted are native and indigenous to their local environment, helping to restore natural biodiversity to the area + all of our projects provide long term employment for local villagers too!
⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
Every time you place an order with us you are directly contributing to these important changes for people and planet! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Anything you want to know - we got you!

We promise you, there is absolutely no catch! The authors of these ebooks agreed to this deal because it allows them to reach a new audience! That's why we can provide you with this incredible discount... but only for 7 days!

When you buy the VEGAN FITNESS BUNDLE, all of the ebooks are yours, forever! 

The Vegan Fitness Bundle is simple. Over 30 ebooks sold at a 99% discount, but only for 7 days.
After you purchase, you will receive an email confirmation and link to the site with all ebooks. There you will be able to download them & keep forever! Just make sure you store them somewhere safe. 
For each sale we plant a tree! 

No. After the first 7 days, we aren't legally allowed to own the ebooks, as we would need the author's permissions again. Since it's such an incredible discount, the only reason why the authors agreed is because it's only a 7 days. So, you need to buy now. 

more questions?

if you need to drop us a line: hello@veganfitnessbundle.com


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