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Affiliate Terms

  1. Copyright
    The copyright of the individual e-books and online programs is subject to the creators. VEGAN FITNESS BUNDLE holds no rights to the e-books and online programs. The contents are made available to VEGAN FITNESS BUNDLE. It is forbidden for participating affiliates to sell, distribute, copy or otherwise reproduce the content of VEGAN FITNESS BUNDLE outside the VEGAN FITNESS BUNDLE campaign. 
  2. Payment 
    The Participating Affiliate is paid via PayPal with the agreed percentage of the total price of the VEGAN FITNESS BUNDLES. The participation is paid out in US Dollars. The team of VEGAN FITNESS BUNDLES cannot influence the PayPal account of the Participating Affiliate. Changes must be managed independently. The affiliate will only be remunerated after the complete purchase via the own link. PayPal sends the payments generally four to five weeks after the sale. The VEGAN FITNESS BUNDLE TEAM tries to adhere to this timeline. Affiliates are compensated with 30-50% of the net price. Creators (Affiliate with product) are paid 70% of the profit (Net profit = profit after deduction of PayPal or Stripe transaction costs). 
  3. Affiliate conversions
    Affiliate conversions are tracked by using cookies in a user's browser. This means, if a user clicks on an Affiliate's Share Link and purchases an Offer, you will be credited with a commission value. If a user clicks an Affiliate's Share Link, the cookies will remain in the user's browser for at least 30 days unless another Affiliate's Share Link is clicked. If a customer clicks an Affiliate's Share Link, but purchases an offer on a different browser, on a separate device, or clears their cache and cookies in their browser the Affiliate will not be credited with the commission value.
  4. Anti Spam Policy
    VEGAN FITNESS BUNDLE prohibits participating affiliates from using spam e-mails or any other SPAM-like means to distribute the VEGAN FITNESS BUNDLE promotion. 
  5. Social Media Kit
    The provided social media kits are only allowed to be used during the VEGAN FITNESS BUNDLE promotion. 
  6. Non-Disclosure
    All participating affiliates are prohibited from distributing non-public information. In particular, electronic, oral or written distribution is prohibited.  
  7. End cooperation 
    THE VEGAN BUNDLE and each affiliate has the option to terminate the terms at any time. A valid termination can be made in writing via affiliate@veganfitnessbundle.com  
  8. Applicable law
    We are not willing or obliged to participate in dispute resolution proceedings before a consumer arbitration board. Swiss law applies. 
  9. Various
    If a participating Affiliate wishes to withdraw from the promotion or has any questions, he/she can contact the following e-mail address: affiliate@veganfitnessbundle.com
    If a participating affiliate receives questions or complaints from buyers, he/she can forward them to the following e-mail address: support@veganfitnessbundle.com
    If a participating Affiliate receives questions or complaints from interested parties, he/she can forward them to the following e-mail address: hello@veganfitnessbundle.com 
  10. Disclaimer
    As a participating affiliate of the VEGAN FITNESS BUNDLE campaign you agree to the conditions listed here. 
  11. Modification of Terms
    THE VEGAN BUNDLE has the right to change terms and conditions at any time without notice. 
    Current version is from: 01.07.2020

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